Thank you

by Yussi Pick

In random order:

Thank you, Marie and Marcella for being my family for a year, with all the ups and downs.
Thank you, Scott, for being my first studentfriend
Thank you, Sam not only for the strange noises you make
Thank you, Lindsey, your energy and madness is my pleassure
Thank you, Jen for showing me how fast you can learn a foreign language
Thank you, Clint for your dry comments, rare but perfectly timed
Thank you, Steven for bringing live into Suite B
Thank you, Hanna for reviving Suite F
Thank you, German Suite People for showing up when you did
Thank you, Kel for liking me, I would live in fear having you as an enemy
Thank you, Sean and Andrew for giving me a socialist home in ohio
Thank you, rest of the Gallows&Co. for let me have lunch with you
Thank you, Ice Hockey Team for being patient and leting me play with the big boys
Thank you, Elena, Ben and Marcus for being on the noob team with me
Thank you, Jordan for keeping the door and the container open
Thank you, Dylan for being hilarious without even knowing
Thank you, Amanda for being fabulous
Thank you, Jacob being the first nice republican I know
Thank you, Radiopeople for leting me on air
Thank you, Elise and Erin for an amazing Literaturzeitschrift
Thank you, Alex for driving me whenever I called
Thank you, Nina for puting a smile on my face at 9am in the winter
Thank you, Missi and Kaylee for being RAs and funny
Thank you, Heather, always being a pleasure chatting with you
Thank you, Mareike for always taking care of me. I learned a lot just by listening.
Thank you, Beth, there’s always something to laugth with you. your imperfection makes you a perfect rolemodel for me.
Thank you, Angie und Bas for being two of the coolest PoliSci people and best PoliSci profs I know
Thank you, Katie for a short but great movie marathon
Thank you, Bertelsman for giving me the oportunity to fly out to Washington and meet great people
Thank you, Phil and Lauren for adopting me as your gueststudent. You made my american experience perfect
Thank you, couchsurfers (Rob, Christine, Katrina, Jennifer,…), who let me stay and hosted me when I was away from awayhome.
Thank you, all those, who waited for me back home. Be it Mama or Sylvia or Ili or Clemens or Georg or, or.
Thank you, all who I forgot to mention, I never will forget you.

no one says it better, than Reinhard Mey:

Ich der den Hut vor keinem zieht,
vor keinem Herren niederkniet
und dessen Nacken nicht lernt sich zu neigen.
Ich komm, weil ich dir sagen will,
Dein Beispiel macht mich klein und still
und bringt mein freches Lästern mal zum Schweigen.
Die Kinder hängen an Dir dran,
keins das allein auskommen kann,
ich seh Dich aus der kleinen Herde ragen.
Mißliebige Blicke manchmal
sie sind nicht so genannt normal
laß mich für die sprachlosen Münder sagen . . .
Hab Dank für deine Zeit.
Hab Dank für deine Freundlichkeit,
für die Arbeit deiner Hände,
für den Mut der Wiederstände
überwindet, und alle Engstirnigkeit.