What I’ll miss

by Yussi Pick

It is obvious that I will miss a gazillion of awesome people. It is only consequent to praise in this entry only material goods. As always in random order:

Life Saver Sours (Wildberry)
Dr. Pepper Diet
Bagels with Cream Cheese
Order at Amazon.com and everywhere else without shippingfees and taxes (and the weak dollar)
Streamed TV-Shows on the broadcasting homepagese and hulu
In general: unlimited use of the internet. As in: Google Streetview, Movie Times,…
Good medium Steaks
Wrtiing Center
Free cultural events on campus
The (mostly theoretical) possibility to watch a good NHL, NBA, NFL, MLA game live
The saturday afternoon in front of the TV watching three NFL games in a row
Unknown cities in close proximity
The fact that Lowry does my groceries and cooks for me three times a day
Smokefree bars
Taco Bell
Good Burritos
Bagpipes (only sometimes)
Marching Band
Playing ice hockey
Gallows Milkshakes