by Yussi Pick

So now I’m back from Outer….I mean Wooster. And nothing has changed. Everything has changed. Everynothing is the same. It feels a little bit like coming back from a longer vacation. (Evil spirits might say that’s where I’ve been)

I would say there are three kinds of changes:

1) The nothing has-changes
Everything feels like I’ve been gone for 4 weeks. The weather is the same, my friends and I click instantly and there are now awkward moments of silence or estrangement, even the people in the Jonasreindl, where I bought a coffee and a
Aboriginies Weckerl mit Gouda everyday, are the same. (And they still recognize me. And give me a welcome back coffee)

2) The Was that really always like that – Changes
I still turn around surprised when people speak German around me on the street. Yes, it must be pretty funny to watch, when I walk along a street. But after all, yes, it really always was really like that (the german speaking, not me turning around).
The biggest thing you see when you come back to Vienna after a while is, that everyone complains. About everything. All-the-fing-time. You have to give them credit though: In no language other than Viennese complaining would sound as great: It’s moaning, sorrowful and full of pain. So, why, if they have this great tool, shouldn’t they use it? Hell, I would use it. In fact, right now. Imagine how much better this post would sound in Viennese! Movingon.

3) The Wow SOMETHING has – Changes
Not much on this front, but in lieu thereof (love leo) huge (pregnancy pun intended). That’s right. The ice is broken (I let this one pass) and I from now on, will be no longer Generation Child. I will be grown up. Generation Parent….Who am I kidding. I will be the first one fighting with the infant about a toy. And I would win. Because I could take it in a heartbeat. Movingon.
Also, there is a new subway. Or an old one extended rather. 5 new stops. Just like that. (And by “Just like that” I mean: 5 years of digging and another x of planing).
Also, all my friends have jobs now. Jobs as in: I’m in the office at 8 in the morning. And me? I will be a fulltime thesiswriter and a halftime friend. And I do have a monkey on my back. Man, writing in english makes having allusions so much simpler.