Blogday 2009

by Yussi Pick

Happy Blogday everyone! The concept is pretty simple: Every participating Blogger presents five blogs s/he likes. For example, Marko of likes me (yay) and will link to me. For more info go to:

The following has no particular order. And of course there are tons and tons more, I could present, there’s Iza who just started teaching at UIllinois ( and Ingrid Brodnigs, (, FALTER journalist, who posts all her articles online, as well as PROFIL journalist Joe Barth ( or a writer’s blog.

In very few cases I agree with Austrian Blogger Gerald Bäck, in fact most of the time when I read his political posts I cringe. He says things like: “At first I wasn’t opposed to the black and blue coalition” (between conservative ÖVP and the right wing FPÖ) or almost titles his post “Political Correctness Terror” (then doesn’t, but mentiones that he almost did). And: He wanted to participate in the Green Party Primaries or rather: was surprised that he was rejected.

None the less: If there was something like an Austrian Blogosphere, he would be one of the Top 5. And his lists of journalists on Twitter is just great.

Aaron Bruckmiller just graduated high school and his somewhere in India, so there’s a chance that it all was procrastination and the blog won’t be continued, but let’s hope not. Aaron, who is/was politically active in the Upper Austrian School Students Movement writes about everything Upper Austrian and politics.

Trust the addict! Be it Kyle XY or Greek, shows I never thought that I would like, I fell in love with because of the addict. Although the blog looks very professional, it is still written by TV fans, not journalists (but with all access passes). A must for every TV addict.

There is no better blog about (german) politics and the internet that this one. period.

When in 2007 then prime minister Gusenbauer (SPÖ) didn’t abide his promisses, a bunch of young social democrats decided to stay in the party, but to organize themselves in a protest group. A variety of people, who now live in Berlin, Argentine and Vienna blogs about economic policies, progressive reading suggestions and much more.