by Yussi Pick

While I will hopefully soon finally write my blog on NPR, here is a 13sec video of the hood I live in. Columbia Heights has been a rough spot in the city – and still is in parts, considering a 9 year old was shot in his appartment last week, followed by two police cars on every street corner in a 10 block area and a helicopter with a spotlight circling for hours. In the last year(s) it has progressed to an up-and-coming spot that will not be affordable in two years from now. I guess it’s influenced by Mt. Pleasant that was a hippster spot and those who couldn’t afford Mt. Pleasant used CH as an overflow area.  Pizzarias, Cafes and Bars came and 16th Street got a make over. The Highland360 Appartment complex, with Five Guys  (yumm) and Kenyon Square with Chipotle (yumm yumm)…anyways. Have a look for yourself. Amazing how one building can change the whole atmosphere of a neighborhood.